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Museum of Mankind


My daughter’s third grade class did a little showcase of famous historical people today, and she decided to be Anne Frank. She gave an extremely well-written (if a tad quiet) speech when I walked up, and all the kids did an amazing job. Just thought I’d share 🙂


Spring, Sunshine & Citrus

I’ve always been a night person. I love the moon and the stars, the sound of the frogs and the crickets, the feeling of having everything to myself while the rest of the world (well, the rest of my personal world anyway) sleeps. But sunshine…there’s nothing quite like the warmth and energy of a sunny day–flopping down in the cool green grass with a glass of lemonade while the sun’s rays warm your body and spirit. Also, citrus fruits, which can make me feel sunny even on a cloudy day. The scent is uplifting and energizing, and it can help chase away the (metaphorical) clouds and make you feel bright and shiny again.


 Young Living makes an oil blend called Citrus Fresh, which contains lemon, tangerine, orange, grapefruit and spearmint, and smells like a bottle full of awesome. The recipe to make a yummy smelling household cleaner is very similar to the lavender/ peppermint spray:

Mix everything together in your spray bottle by capping tightly and shaking well. Now you have a wonderful, scented cleaner that is chemical-free and completely safe to use around your pets and children.

It's citrusy...and fresh. The name says it all.

You can also make a great wood polish, if your kids have not yet completely trashed your expensive oak furniture:

  • 15-20 drops of lemon oil
  • 1 pint of mineral oil
  • A clean container to put it all in

Use a clean, soft cloth to apply to the wood, let it sit for a few minutes, and wipe off with another clean, soft cloth. Yay!

Since my older two are in school, they suck up germs like grubby little sponges and bring them home to me, because as a good mother, I taught them how to share. I somehow manage to get sick more often than anyone else (although my husband, Captain Hypochondriac, would tell you otherwise–if the man gets the sniffles he thinks he’s on his deathbed), and for some reason it’s almost always a sore throat and a case of the vicious snufflies. Something that ALWAYS soothes my throat is a nice hot blend of green tea (steeped as strong as you like it) a couple drops of lemon oil, and as much honey as you like. Remember that babies under 1 year should never be given honey, but for toddlers on up, honey is a wonderful natural remedy for colds.

You can use these oils in small amounts to flavor foods and drinks–a few drops in a glass of ice water is incredibly refreshing (and calorie-free) on a hot day. One of the great things about oils is that they are always available and the oil doesn’t go bad when you don’t use it right away. If you’re making a vanilla milkshake, put in a few drops of orange oil–it tastes so amazing my kids dance around freaking out while I make it, and whine loudly enough to make your ears bleed when I try to taste it before them. Spoiled? Not MY precious monsters, and yes, they can be both precious and monsters simultaneously. You should hear my littlest guy growl. If you heard that coming from your closet at night you’d run away screaming in your jammies.

Well, I guess I didn’t realize what time it is because my 6-year-old just threw open the door and announced he was home from school (“MOMMY I’M HERE!!!” every day, it’s adorable), and I need to feed him before he starts eating everything that’s not nailed down–I’m amazed at how much that 55 pound boy can ingest in one sitting. Too late, he’s shoveling daddy’s pretzels in his mouth….

SMELL THE CITRUS INTERNET! Have a beautiful day 🙂


Lavender: A Love Story

Do you smell that? It's the smell of...relaxation.

My darling Internet, let me introduce you, if you haven’t already met, to Lavender. I have rows of it planted outside my back door, and bottles of the oil all over my house. My children love it, and it smells fresh and clean. I love lavender, and I am going to share with you some uses for it, this incredibly versatile oil.Most oils need a carrier oil (such as vegetable oil, or V6) but lavender is gentle on even little babies. You can definitely use a carrier, though, and make a light, soothing massage oil. Research has confirmed that lavender produces slight calming, soothing, and sedative effects when its scent is inhaled. PLEASE check with your doctor and do your research before using ANYTHING on your children.

As I’ve mentioned, I have 3 children that are, at any given moment, ganging up on me as I try to do literally anything that doesn’t revolve around all of them simultaneously, and I can only write this at this moment because 2 of them are at school and the other is napping. They have elevated the spazz attack to an art form and a spectator sport (which is especially fun at the grocery store, when you know everyone is watching and judging the hell out of your parenting). The solution to this? Well, beyond the usual “make sure they are fed, rested, and dressed comfortably before unleashing them on the world”, I rub lavender oil on their adorable little bellies. The scent is calming, relaxing, and helps to nip those bouncing-off-the-walls-in-public-oh-crap-GET-BACK-HERE-THIS-INSTANT moments in the bud. I say “helps” because it’s not quite magic, and that toy over there would make my kid flip out even if he was fully sedated.

All right guys, simmer down.

After you get home from your stress-free trip to the store, put a few drops of the oil on your precious baby’s pillowcase (or on a handkerchief tucked into the pillowcase) to help lull the little angel into dreamland.

Then you can draw yourself a nice bath (I enjoy them so hot I look like a lobster coming out, but whatever your personal preference is fine :P), and of course add a few drops to the running water so you can literally soak in the relaxation. I would suggest a glass of blackberry wine and a good book as well, but whatever floats your boat. Lavender soaps, scented with 100% therapeutic grade oils? Fabulous.

Other wonderful uses for lavender:

  • Use it to help lessen the effects of insomnia, anxiety and depression (and of course talk to your doctor if these conditions are severe)
  • It is EXCELLENT for treating burns. But you know the drill–ANY SEVERE BURN REQUIRES A TRIP TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM
  • As a gentle antiseptic to treat small cuts and scrapes (I keep a bottle in my first aid kit and purse for such occasions)
  • For treatment of skin irritations such as windburn
  • Insect bites (Yup, go to the doctor if the insect is of the “OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT I’M GOING TO DIE” variety, or if an allergic reaction to the bite occurs)
  • On the chest to ease congestion due to colds or allergies
  • As a massage for muscle pain
  • On pimples (I know, eww)
  • Toss it at irritable people like holy water on a vampire. (I am not responsible for any legal problems this may cause you–your results may vary)

To sum this up, I believe that everyone should carry this oil with them at all times. It’s like the Swiss Army Knife of oils–when in doubt, dump some lavender on it. Also remember to check for an allergic reaction when using any oils, though with lavender this is pretty unlikely, and TALK TO YOUR HEALTH CARE PROVIDER IF YOU’RE PREGNANT OR BREASTFEEDING BEFORE USING ANYTHING NEW, YES I WILL KEEP REPEATING THIS BECAUSE IT’S IMPORTANT. I love you, Internet people, and I want you to be careful and stay safe.

Have a wonderful, beautiful, peaceful day everyone,

Loretta ❤