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Katherine Phillips

This beautiful baby girl is Katherine Phillips. Baby Kate was abducted by her father, 21-year-old Sean Michael Phillips, on June 29th. 2011, and although he has since been apprehended, he refuses to tell authorities her whereabouts, though he has indicated that she is still alive.


I would like as many people as possible to stop and look at her sweet, smiling face. She was last seen in Ludington, Michigan, but she could possibly be anywhere, so it is EXTREMELY important to keep your eyes open, wherever you may be. Remember that whoever has her could be dressing her as a boy. The clothes she was wearing when her mother last saw her have since been recovered, but sweet baby Kate is still missing. I have faith that she is alive, and some well-meaning but misguided person is caring for her. Kate is 2 feet tall, weighs 12 pounds, has blue eyes and light brown hair. Anyone who has any information is urged to call 231-843-3425, or 911, immediately.

As a mother, this case saddens and terrifies me. I cannot imagine the anguish Kate’s family is feeling right now, the horror of not knowing. This little girl needs to be back in her mommy’s arms as soon as possible, and I know that with the help of caring people we can make that happen. Please keep your eyes open.

You can join some of the Facebook groups here to get updated info:

Amber Alert | Katherine Phillips (MI)
Katherine Shelbie Elizabeth Phillips-Missing in Michigan

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  1. […] 4-month-old Katherine Phillips has been missing for one week today. I believe with all my heart that she is alive and being cared for, but she needs to be back home where she belongs. Please, everyone, wherever you are, get the word out, and pass her story and photo to everyone you can. We’re all with you in spirit, little one, wherever you are. […]

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